Saturday, June 27, 2009

The new trend

Is it me or does everyone NOW think they stand out, for some odd reason people NOW just do things to say they're different. Dont get me wrong its some very creative people out here, buh to say that word creative, you really have to be CREATIVE. Im going to use this guy as an example, i was on myspace jes looking at people pics and i came across this guy that had on some coogi pants, get this the pants were backwards, this niqqa said he was setting trends GTFO ! everyone is different if we talking about looks and personalities, but dont be different cus different is the NEW trend, i would say just be yourself do what you want without caring about others opinions thats the only way you qoin to stand out from other cus its only one you..
Another point i want to hit is females and dudes finding themselves, who they really truly are. It makes me sick when i see people bragging about how much weed they smoke,or how much they drink ! do you see a true weed head or alcoholic bragging about it? and if they do they goin to talk about it to you in person. Smoking weed is a new trend people not true to that shit, they jes doing it cus everybody else is,and they wanna see smoke come out they mouth. The people that brag the most are people that dont even buy the shit ! i can see if you went and bought the shit yourself, buh i know the people that brag all the time about it, and they only smoke on the weekends, they smoking with others and now they wanna act like they smoke daily, i guess its kinda like having sex for the first time you wanna qo and tell everyone that you're not a virgin anymore. Like whats the point of goin around saying yea i smoke so much, who cares really. All im saying is if you not true to something dont go around and brag about it jes to make yourself look cool, cus really you being fake to yourself, and it shows that you dont know who u really are..


  1. you are so right about the whole "weed trend" everyone thinks that its so cool

    oh yea and that boy with the backwards pants thast not new didn't criss cross do that back in the 80's or 90's

  2. Fantastic insight. You do a great job of highlighting the characteristics of falsehood. I've seen this unfortunate trend go on all too much in my area as well. People want to stand out, and be one of a kind. The problem is most people look outside themselves to find out what they're about, when in reality all you must do is look within. Keep up the great work.

    Max Gibson

  3. Preach Brutha !