Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

jes a thought

aigh so i take it that today is hitlers bday or sum shit, and this is the day that people do all types of evil, wicked, ill shit lol ! let me jes get to the point, whats on my mind right now is this "national weed smoking day" i dont smoke weed, buh if YOU do thats you, and im not knockinq ppl that do, buh like its some ppl that smoke jes to say they smoke, and thinks that shit makes them look cool or some shit. like its some people they dont smoke at all and like "hell yea im gettin blowed this weekend" come on man you already look dumb cause you being FAKE and you sound dumb as fuck. buh yea thats jes a thought !

p.s. polo loves all the WEED heads ;)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

fuck fuck FUCKED pt2

okay so i qo to the AT&T store today, i get there in high spirits thinkinq im qon qet a brand new phone, the bitch that welcomes me in to the store talked like she was computer programed nd i try to tell her my story nd before i could open my mouth to tell her what happen, she says "ohhhh thats a nasty crack, we cant fix it or replace it" soo i say " its under warranty, i jes qot it not even a month ago, nd you tellinq me you cant fix or replace it?" she says "all i can tell you sir is qo to the mall, its a guy who fixes crack'd screens" by this time im mad as fuck. so i ask'd her not even with the insurance or apple care plan it can be fixed? and she repeats the same damn thing she said the first time, so i jes walk out nd im highly pissed now. soooo i qo to the mall to the "guy who fixes cracked screens", and i show them my phone and ask how much it would be to get the phone fix'd ? he looks at nd says it will be $145 nd take about a hour, nd im like FUCK NO ! the shit cost $400 nd i jes qot it WTF man im sooo fuckinq mad.. FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im in love with this damn site ! FML shit so funny jes to read about how fucked up somebody day went..qo check that out tho funny shit.

fuck fuck FUCKED !

its a damn shame i had to come back with a blog like this,buh damn this is jes some shit i had to talk about, i was mad as fuck and i thought the shit was funny at the same time cus i haven't even had the phone for a month, anyway i had the phone in my lap like ALWAYS cus its so thin it jes falls right out my pockets, so if you wonderin thats why i keep it in my lap when im drivinq. i do have a case for it buh it was jes so damn unfortunate that i didnt wear it today :| so as im qettin out the car it falls from my lap face first onto the dirty ass PENSACOLA street. FML (fuckmylife) and now im qoin to qo to the AT & T store today to get a new one i hope they dont piss me off.

lmao it look like this shit was in a badd car accident.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Ain’t No Mixtape.

The album, This Ain’t No Mixtape.

jets niqqa.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009


to the month of March, its spring break ! i should be back with some decent shit !