Saturday, April 18, 2009

fuck fuck FUCKED pt2

okay so i qo to the AT&T store today, i get there in high spirits thinkinq im qon qet a brand new phone, the bitch that welcomes me in to the store talked like she was computer programed nd i try to tell her my story nd before i could open my mouth to tell her what happen, she says "ohhhh thats a nasty crack, we cant fix it or replace it" soo i say " its under warranty, i jes qot it not even a month ago, nd you tellinq me you cant fix or replace it?" she says "all i can tell you sir is qo to the mall, its a guy who fixes crack'd screens" by this time im mad as fuck. so i ask'd her not even with the insurance or apple care plan it can be fixed? and she repeats the same damn thing she said the first time, so i jes walk out nd im highly pissed now. soooo i qo to the mall to the "guy who fixes cracked screens", and i show them my phone and ask how much it would be to get the phone fix'd ? he looks at nd says it will be $145 nd take about a hour, nd im like FUCK NO ! the shit cost $400 nd i jes qot it WTF man im sooo fuckinq mad.. FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. U betta den me ,best and behold dey would have to carry me out da store i dont play da shyt.
    But dats Bum as AT&T for u .lol.8 rolls eyes*
    Dont feel to bad i jus bout the refurbished version of my phone after mines broke.