Saturday, April 18, 2009

fuck fuck FUCKED !

its a damn shame i had to come back with a blog like this,buh damn this is jes some shit i had to talk about, i was mad as fuck and i thought the shit was funny at the same time cus i haven't even had the phone for a month, anyway i had the phone in my lap like ALWAYS cus its so thin it jes falls right out my pockets, so if you wonderin thats why i keep it in my lap when im drivinq. i do have a case for it buh it was jes so damn unfortunate that i didnt wear it today :| so as im qettin out the car it falls from my lap face first onto the dirty ass PENSACOLA street. FML (fuckmylife) and now im qoin to qo to the AT & T store today to get a new one i hope they dont piss me off.

lmao it look like this shit was in a badd car accident.

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