Sunday, June 21, 2009

im not better than you

sooo i guess this is my welcome back huh ? i can sit here and talk about this lame ass city, the females ,buh im not cus they dnt really matter. buh i really wanted to touchdown on this shit first since its buggin the hell out of me. Okay soo lately people have been coming to me talking about quitnyn thinks he's so much better than everyone, quintyn only cares about himself, this and that and shit like that you know, i mean i really really really dont care what you say about me, your opinion is similar to a ant or dirt, ill ignore it and walk all over it. Now its a difference, i walk with confidence becus nuthinq will ever knock me down, im mean if you say, "well he thinks he's all, soo i don't fuck with him" thats qood. buh deep down inside you're the one saying this niqqa on his shit, this niqqa cool as fuck . People judge me without even knowing me, its something im jes use to tho. Chances are the people that talk about me the most i prolly dont even know, im not writing this to say stop talking about me or watever you do, im jes writing this to say i never said i was better than anyone, i will never think that way..

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  1. i feel you on this , i got the same shit coming up ..
    i see it like this ; dont hate me for your insecurity ..