Friday, February 20, 2009

lucky and the not so lucky.

Well this is the lucky brianna kinda sounds like rihanna, i usually dont like chicks that wear weave, buhh hey! it saved her life lmao!

--the NOT so lucky rihanna

DAMNNNNNNNNN! thats what i said when i first seen this pic, and i kinda laughed too,sorry..At first when i heard about this story i really didn't care cause i thought maybe it was jes a argument or jes some hollywood bullshit, then they said she gave the niqqa a STD or something like that, then i thought yea she got what she deserve..Then they said it was all over a text that a female sent him, then thats when i was like wtf he did all that! this niqqa must have been faded as fuck,meaninq he was drunk for slow ppl, damn she look sad as fuck in that pic, i feel sorry for ol girl.

she can come chill with me on the 360 anytime, fine ass. ohh yea happy b-day.

Sooner Than Later - Drake

1 comment:

  1. Lmaooo !
    I laughed on the picture too, i guess, shXt happens?
    Poor rihanna, yay brianna !