Friday, February 13, 2009


So here it is, the blog damnit ! lol..buhh naw real shit, i bet you wonderinq why this niqqa would call his blog above the ignorance? hmmmmm? well you might think of me as this guy thats jes cocky as fuck and dont give a shit about anythinq, some even say im to into myself, am i right? well i can say your almost right, i mean i do have feelinqs buh for me its like im not qoinq to down myself and say im not the shitt jes so you can feel better about yourself feel me yet, or are you hating me more for what i just said.? lol..Anyway as far as the above the ignorance goes, i dont mean to knock BLACK people even though yall think i do, i DON"T! anybody can be ignorant like Dick Gregory once said "the man thats callinq you the nigger,is the ignorant one" so basically thats where i get the anybody can be ignorant shit from, but damn the shit that i see i jes cant put up with it anymore. I would tell the story of the chick that came into my first period class today! buh i dont want to put anyone out lmao! ill jes say GHETTO FABOLOUS! lmfao the shit was funny im not goin to lie..Well i dont wanna blow your head off with this post, with that said welcome to abovetheignorance XD



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